Mathematical and applied statistics

This is the basic scientific field of research of the Research Institute for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics, which emerged in
1976 and led to the creation of the Scientific School "Mathematical modeling of complex systems, processes of information security and computer analysis
of data" (scientific adviser Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Laureate of the State
Prize of the Republic of Belarus in the field of science and technology, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus Yu.S.Kharin). Research Institute for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics was created on the basis of this Scientific School.

Major research fields and achievements:

  • the theoretical basis of the robust statistical pattern recognition and statistical forecasting under distortions of hypothetical models of observations was developed;
  • a system of statistical software for robust statistical data analysis was developed and implemented ;
  • nine international scientific conferences "Computer Data Analysis and Modeling" were organized;
  • over 500 scientific papers on the mathematical and applied statistics were published;
  • 1 doctoral thesis and more than 30 PhD theses were defended.