About Institute

RI APMI staff at 2020.


Research Institute for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics was founded 25.01.2008 on the base of the National Research Centre for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics. The National Research Centre for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics was organized on 18.08.2000 based on the research laboratory of Statistical Analysis and Modeling. This laboratory was opened at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis, School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics in 1988 (research supervisor Prof. Dr. of Sci. Yu. Kharin; head of the laboratory: Dr. M. Stepanova, 1988-1994; Dr. V. Galinskiy, 1995-2000; Dr. M. Abramovich, 2000-).

Research fields:

  • cryptography and information assuarance;
  • methods and algorithms for robust statistical classification and forecasting;
  • mathematical modeling of complex systems, processes and phenomena in economy, technology, ecology, medicine and other applications;
  • computer science and information technologies;
  • mathematical modeling of physical processes;
  • computer data analysis, forecasting and optimal decision making in different sectors of national economy.

Main achievements

In the fields of fundamental research:

  • bases of theory of robust statistical patten recognition and data analysis that allow to solve new applied problems in engineering, medicine, economics, and other fields were developed.

In the fields of applied research:

  • a system of statistical data analysis software was developed. The system includes 9 software packages that are embedded in the 51 organizations of the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries, Germany and Korea.

Contact information

4, Nezavisimosti Ave., Office 427,
Minsk, Belarus, 220030
Telephone/Fax: +375 17 2095104